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Goodnight, January 30, 2006

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Remember to read this tonight…


I love to hear your voice echo around me. I love to think of you and me. And us just sharing moments like falling asleep. I love to think of me being a part of your life. Even if it’s just in your sleep. So tonight I wish you a goodnight. Sweet dreams. Remember me as you fall asleep, and when you awake.



The wheels are turning…. January 30, 2006

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Dear Mrs Luberly,

The wheels are turning. The trip has begun soon we shall be together a journey that seems more dream than reality. You have become so central to my life. So much apart of me. I can’t describe it. Anyways. Im super busy but wanted you to have something to cherish while we are apart. The days are getting closer and we shall hold hands for the first time. Kiss for the first time. Our eyes shall meet for the first time. Nice thoughts.

Not a day goes by that I dont cherish and adore you.

Mr. Luberly

So you know…. January 19, 2006

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Im all about being straightforward about everything. I just want you to know. I’m thinking of you. Ok like all the time. I just got your card. And Im excited and scared too. No worries love. The days just don’t pass fast enough.

I keep thinking of my plans. My travel plans are changing…not keeping me away don’t worry baby. I’m missing you right now. I’m such a sap.

Should have slept. January 15, 2006

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Im sitting here eating pretzels, and processed cheese. It’s not very interesting at all. I’ve been reading your old blog and well falling for you more and more I read. Accidents don’t really happen unless you want them too. And deep down in my heart. I wanted to find you. I think the internets are pretty lame. But its a fast way to make a buck or two. What I never expected was to meet you. While I may be cute now, and funny and what not. In real life I will probably annoy the hell out of you. And we will have to go back to the days of flirting on line and making fun of people. And Im fine with that. But what the hell. Let’s give us a shot. I don’t usually meet people I even like. I just lie to myself to quench the loneliness in my soul. But this is real. So fuck my friends here. They are pretentious hypocritical bastards anyways. And haven’t they heard of the internets?

On a less serious note. I find everything about you amazing. From us sharing this blog, to chatting about your day, to having sex just about anywhere. I can’t wait to enter your real world to brighten your day and tell you how much I care about you. That’s what excites me the most. Love really is a lot like a herd of penguins. The guy with the biggest heart takes the lead and everyone follows. All in a row. Well I’m jumping up and leading. Will you follow? That’s all I ask. I’m far from perfect. Far from normal. But that’s the way I like it. I’m me and no one can tell me I’m not.

So here’s to us. The journey has been the best thing to happen to me in along time. So let’s march on.

Mr. Luber

Good Morning My Lub January 12, 2006

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Ahh its morning already. I slept for about 4 hours and awoke to the sound of Pachelbel. I don’t remember falling asleep. But I must have. Hehe. And so it goes with me. Drifting through your Flickr pages last night made me wonder. Nah, nevermind.

You know this is scary at times to me, and I am sure it is to you, but Im such a heart person that I have no other call but to follow it. I wanted to use this blog to share more about myself and I hope that’s ok with you. So the next few posts are more just stories, images, and what not from my life.

If you read this I hope you are blissfully happy and having a good start to your day. Imagine me giving you a hug and sweet kiss.

Dear, January 12, 2006

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Im all shy with the poetry you will get it eventually. Just not at this moment. At this moment you will get the assurance that you deserve all the best that life offers you. And I hope by being apart of your life I can bring you the best I have to offer which is fun, fun, and a ton of affection.

Your an inspiration to me, and I love that. Now teach me italian, and lets go learn latin together. Let’s get lost in the Central Library, and devour cheesecake at Junior’s already.

It’s moments like this, just sharing that makes life so damn much fun and makes those ugly moments just seem worthwhile to bear. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with me. It has been so awesome getting to know you so far I can’t wait till we get to know each other more.

Let the good mornings begin… January 11, 2006

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I know you wanted to read something else besides this. You wanted to know what the dream was all about. That will be my well kept secret. Instead, I would like to say Good Morning in the only way I know how to. By saying your an amazing Mom, creative, snarky, inspiring, and fun. Not a moment has gone by the last few weeks that I haven’t thought of you. There is a lot we still have to learn about each other. A lot of territory we have to explore. It’s like a dream come true, you walking into my life out of nowhere through a door I didn’t know existed. The other day I was standing in a field of flowers wondering if this was the greatest moment of my life. I was working at a cancer camp for kids in Montana. Knowing that if at that moment time failed to exist for another second, if I had my last breath that it would all be worth it.

Sometimes in life there is pain, and sorrow, and shattered dreams. And if all that is for nothing Im fine with that. But one thing Im thankful for. That because of all of that life has brought our paths together even for a moment its all worth it. A moment with someone you care about it worth more than a thousand moments wishing you were.

When you get this I will probably be sleeping, dreaming, and pondering how all of this will come together and truthfully it doesn’t matter. Because so far its all been worth it. Every minute of it.

I will be thinking about you today … I hope we talk just like everyday. Good Morning. And see you in a few days….